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New Year's Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

I’m not a resolution guy. Might have something with my complete lack of follow-through. However, I do seem to accomplish more when I set a goal. If one combines my personal low KM’s in 2023, with the need to grow ONtrail, perhaps a few resolutions wouldn’t hurt. 

So, here we go, 5 personal/ONtrail Resolutions for 2024. In no particular order. 

Travel more

I’ve traveled pretty extensively along the 401 corridor, and have ventured up the 400 multiple times, but it’s time to put the ON in ONtrail. Let’s get on the road,and visit more places. Sault St. Marie, and the Ottawa region would be on the list for sure. Let me know where else I should go.

Be better organized

This one’s a little behind the scenes, but I need to organize myself much better. There’s a lot of planning, organizing, driving, filming, editing and publishing that needs time, attention and dedication. I need a better plan. Or maybe I should start with a plan, and make it good later. 

Ride more

I let a lot of factors interfered with my riding in 2023. True, I was away for 3 weeks, and we did get a lot summer rains, and I did build a new trail, and conducted & edited a couple dozen interviews, and tried to be a dutiful husband, good father, and spend time with my friends, but c’mon… go ride you’re fricken’ bike. Right?

Enjoy the ride

I don’t know about you, but I often conflate riding with some sense of accomplishment. A lot of noise runs through my head: Did I keep up? Was I a good trail buddy? Could I ride that section better? Is that a drop or a roll!?! Why is this trail so off camber!?!?!  I’m going to try to be more focused on the joy of riding. Let me know what your strategies are for staying focused on the fun. 

Give you what you need

ONtrail continues to evolve. I have an idea of what I want to do with it, and there seems to be some positive response to a lot of what’s been happening. However, it’s important to take stock of what’s worked and what hasn’t. I’m going to spend some time figuring out if my version of ONtrail is interesting enough for a wider audience, and as such whether or not it’s sustainable. Send me a note with your constructive feedback about what you like, and what we could change or improve.

There it is. ONtrail’s New Year’s Resolutions. Let’s see how I do with sticking to them. I guess now that they’re public, you can always check in with me anytime we see each other on trail.  

Happy New Year. 

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