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In late 2022 we began developing ONtrail with the goal of becoming an online hub for Ontario’s Mountain Biking community. 
We have events and interviews for anyone looking to get ONtrail.

My name’s Tim Durkin and I run ontrail.ca.

I have intermediate skills and back of the pack speed. Maybe I should answer my own Hot Lap Questionnaire

What bike am I riding?

I ride a Trek Fuel Ex 8. It’s a great ride, which has been made even better with plenty of upgrades – basically everything but the bottom bracket & rear suspension has been upgraded.

Favourite trail centre?

I don’t really have a favourite trail centre. I find something to like everywhere I go.

Group or solo?

My schedule allows me a lot of freedom to ride whenever I want so I do a lot of solo rides, but I really enjoy riding with the crew.

XC or lift access?

I like both because they’re so different. I’d have to lean towards XC though because of the huge variety of XC trails near me.

Flats or clipless?

Flats because clips scare me.

Flow, tech or jump trail?

Flow because I love going as fast as I can with as few interruptions as possible

Strava or no Strava?

I have Strava, but for a variety of reasons, I use it less and less

Big push, or social ride?

I don’t mind a big push if I’m riding solo, but when the gang’s all there I prefer a social pace.

Best bike upgrade?

I dunno. Ask my mechanic.

Everyone should ride…






ONtrail’s riders love everything about this sport.

At any given time anyone of these incredible riders is on his or her bike, reading about bikes or working on one. It’s the major topic of conversation when we all get together. It’s the tie that binds us together.

Everything we do is focused on having as incredible an experience as possible riding on trail. But that’s what you get when the best mechanics, riders, theorists and jokers get together to shred. When that wealth of knowledge, experience, and stoke gets together you’re guaranteed to have a good time.

I guess if you can find a group of people who help nourish your stoke, you’d best keep riding on trail.