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Celebrating the Visual Side of Cycling culture

At the core, I created The PRFCT Line to celebrate the visual side of cycling and the trails I love to ride. It was my way of combining my passion for cycling and design. That led to me launching 3 typographic t-shirts (my art canvas of choice) celebrating Bent Rim, Rough Trade, and Frankenstein, some of my favourite local Southern Ontario trails. It grew from there with 30+ designs, some focused on the sport and not a specific trail. 

I’ve taken a step back from The PRFCT Line this last year to rethink what I want to do with it moving forward as I want to focus more on celebrating the visual side of cycling culture and the creatives behind it. I love curating work that inspires me and meeting the artists and designers behind it. I will still celebrate my local trails on t-shirt but in a different way than I currently do. Stay tuned for more on what that will look like.

Tim is doing a great job of supporting and celebrating the Ontario MTB community so I am happy to help however I can. As a new adventure, I am excited to see where ONtrail goes as I know that Tim has the heart and drive to make it something special for our MTB community. One place where all of the important info exists. 

– Rich Auger




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