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The Best Bike For You is the One You Already Have

Wondering about the best mountain bike? 

I’m going to skip to the end and tell you that the best mountain bike for you, is the one you already have. 


Let’s dive in.

There are so Many types of Bikes, Let’s Briefly Explore

Mountain bikes come in various types: fully rigid, hardtail, and full suspension. Each has its own perks. How do you know where to begin? What kind of bike do you have, and is it right for your type of riding?

Suggestions from Locals about the best bike for you

I reached out to trail builders and shop owners for their insights. Surprisingly, they all agree: the best bike for you is the one you already have. Whether it’s Nate at Flow State or Will from CycleLife, they emphasize that you can start riding and having fun with what you’ve got. That’s right, you’re already a mountain biker.

Things to Consider when deciding on the best bike for you

For sure, the type of bike you have will likely dictate the types of trails you’re going to ride, enjoy and conquer. Not every bike is designed for every trail. If you’re feeling comfortable that the bike you’re riding can handle the trails you’re on, keep going! If you start to move onto rowdier stuff, then it might be time to consider something different.

In Conclusion

Dust off your bike, get it tuned up, and hit the trails. Let us know what bike you’re riding and what your favorite trails are at info@ontrail.ca.T

View of the bottom half of a mountain bike as it races down a dusty trail.