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Pedal Power Photography

Pedal Power Photography is a Husband/Wife team of cycling photographers. They combined their love of cycling and photography and created Pedal Power Photography. It began when he was racing a local weekly MTB series. She would bring her camera and take photos of him for him to share on social media. Team mates at the time started asking if she happened to capture them, so she started shooting them too. Soon after, more people were asking for photos. Eventually someone suggested that they should sell their images. So they did. Their first picture sold was to a friend who was training to ride a cross Canada fundraiser. 

Now, since establishing themselves in 2016, you’ll find them shooting many different cycling disciplines. You’ll see them on the sidelines at Track, Road, BMX, MTB, Gravel and Cyclocross events. Since they are also cyclists, they will often pre-ride the race courses to find the best locations to get those favoured action shots. Have you ever seen them or NOT seen them on course? They will wear camouflage to blend into the environment especially at MTB events. This way they get the best candid shots without spooking the racers. They say the camo isn’t 100% effective though as they have captured some humorous startled faces as the racers hear the cameras shutter.

They attempt to capture as many racers as possible at an event. Their alarm clock is set to awake before the birds on race day. They will be on site and in position from the start gun to the checkered flag. From seasoned pros to first timers, they capture memories for everyone.

Check them out on the web, follow them on Facebook and Instagram and click on over to YouTube to see some of their videos.

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