The Bike You have

What’s the best bike for mountain biking? For those of you that don’t know, there’s no such thing as A mountain bike. To begin, there’s fully rigid, hardtail and full suspension bikes. You can really start going down a rabbit hole in the full suspension world. Do you want a downhill, enduro, trail, down country, cross country, fat bike… take your pick With all those choices, I’m always curious about what the best one for any given area might be.  So, I’ve asked trail builders and shop owners what their thoughts are for the area they ride. You might think these dedicated shredders are pretty opinionated about what bike you should have. Surprisingly not. 

Overwhelmingly people say the bike you have is the best bike for you. From Nate at Flow State (near Arkell, Agreement Forest, Guelph Lake, Hydrocut) to Will from CycleLife (near the entire Durham forest system, amongst others), everyone says you can get started, and have a good time on the bike you already have. That’s right, you’re already a mountain biker. For sure, the type of bike you have will likely dictate the types of trails you’re going to ride, enjoy and conquer. Not every bike is designed for every trail. But you can take that bike out of the garage, get it tuned up at your local bike shop, and begin to feel the wind in your hair and the smile on your face right now. 

Let us know what bike you’re pedaling and what trails you ride –

View of the bottom half of a mountain bike as it races down a dusty trail.