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Community. That’s what I want ONtrail to be part of. We want to try to connect with and showcase the mountain bike community. Very early on there was some discussion about focusing on culture, but ultimately I wanted to stay away from that. In my opinion, culture is something you need to buy into, and has rules that guide who’s in and who isn’t. Everyone has to look and behave like a rider to be part of the culture. I wanted to focus on a mindset which includes everyone, regardless of gear and ability. We’ve spent the last year showcasing the riders, trail builders, shop owners and skill builders who make the mountain biking community a warm and inviting place. No two of them look, act or ride the same. Watch enough ONtrail Interviews (please!) and you can’t help but notice how often people have used the word community to describe what makes this mountain biking world so special. I think they’re right.

Looks like we’ve come to the right place.

Riders resting before a mountain bike race